10/11/2013 - ESPN Kelly Oubre phone interview.

  • Didn’t see anything linked to this on the previous Oubre stories, thought I’d post it here – found his comments about Bill Self being the Godfather and everything running through him to be interesting.

  • Well-spoken, likes his ego stroked, ends his interview with “Rock Chalk Jayhawk”… works for me.

  • Loved it! Hopefully he can get okafor and Jones to commit along with alexander. Can’t imagine there would be a better recruiting class than that

  • Thanks for finding and posting this for us. Oubre seems to be mature for his age, and well grounded. I look forward to seeing him do well at KU. I am sorry that we fans will only have a short time to watch his progress. I’ve always enjoyed seeing the development of college athletes from young men to young adults who have confidence and maturity. With the OADs we only see a glimpse of who they will develop into. It’s their loss, and ours as well

  • I don’t think he’s a lock as a OAD. But after Selden’s commitment I thought he would be here for two years and that now seems less than likely.

  • Right, Oubre’s dad made some interesting comments about not even considering the OAD stuff. Oubre may be a 2 year guy. Seems like his dad is a stand up guy and has kept him well grounded.

  • Agreed, KU needs more top ten guys with an eye on development instead of the league.

  • Bill is always going to go for the best of the best, regardless of OAD status. But I like the 2-4 year unit teams as well.

    And how do you pronounce “Oubre”

  • Ooh-Bray

  • Thanks MileHigh.

  • Funny thing Blown. I was at my daughter’s AAU practice this week (in Houston) talking some hype about Oubre just signing with us. I pronounced it wrong and was corrected by her team mate-a sophmore in high school. ouch.

  • It’s pronounced “Ewww Bray” son

  • Part of Oubre decision to attend KU was based on “other” schools making unready players go pro after one year. Oubre’s dad said he wants his son to develop before jumping to the league. At this point Oubre looks like a two year player.

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