Dec 13th Headlines: Schedule, Players Meeting, Tharpe


    ####KC Star – Rustin Dodd: Self sees Tharpe as crucial to a turnaround####

    LAWRENCE — It’s been nearly a week since Kansas junior point guard Naadir Tharpe lost his starting spot to freshman Frank Mason.

    ####CJ Online – Jesse Newell: Ellis hopes players-only meeting sparks KU####

    LAWRENCE — After signing a few basketballs in the locker room Wednesday, the Kansas men’s basketball players huddled in a circle to air out their thoughts and frustrations during a players-only meeting.

    ####KU Sports – Tom Keegan: Loaded schedule should help young Jayhawks prepare for March####

    The blueprint most college basketball coaches like to follow calls for packing the early portion of the schedule with what are known as “buy games,” one-and-done competitions that don’t require the big school committing to return to the small school’s court to complete the series. The visitor flies back home with money to help fund its athletic department.

  • That’s a great photo. I love how Greene has the attitude that he’s the best player on the floor, but right there, he knew he screwed up all by himself.

    …fists clenched, taunting fans, nowhere to hide. Quite the learning moment if there ever was one.

  • I haven’t kept as up to date as I’d like on these boards, but with our freshman problems, I can’t help but be VERY excited for the upcoming years. While we may not have Wiggins or Embiid, having Greene/White/Frankamp/Ellis as upperclassmen is going to be the mix of talent + senior leadership that we need. Self squeezes so much out of his players. Last year Withey/EJ/Releford/Young were very experienced and almost made the final four. Can’t wait to have that experience with more talent to boot and a few OAD’s in the mix!

    Also, while it’s not a democracy, regarding the White/Greene/Frankamp dilemmma, my votes for Greene! I think he’s got the greatest upside for us this year.

  • @DanR - and just moments before, he poked the ball away for a steal, where Wiggins was fouled (no call). Could have been the hero. Hero to goat happens quickly.

    Let me say that I am very puzzled/concerned with White’s decline here. All of the preseason stuff sounded incredibly positive. Now, he’s just not playing. I am very curious of the reason that Self is apparently not impressed. Could just be better guys in front of him.

    But I’m with @BucknellJayhawk3 - Greene has significant upside, lots of positives ,etc. If that’s Self’s choice, fine. Go with it. I just alternatively feel bad for White.

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