Free The Diallo

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    You know the NCAA declaring kids ineligible is becoming pointless, and even hypocritical. We as fans and alumni sit here and watch these Power five conferences sign huge media deals, threaten to abandon the NCAA all together, so they can do as they please. And for what? So the NCAA can act like they care about students grades and corruption in college sports?

    Give me a break. I just sit here and watched one of the biggest scandals in my life time, and it took the media to get the NCAA to even look at the issue. UNC cheated on a level that should’ve brought the death penalty or at the very least some sort of severe punishment. Yet the NCAA does nothing and UNC gets nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Are you kidding me ???

    Everybody knows how important a college education is these days. It’s all about having that that degree. We’ve all seen it in our work places were a certain person gets a position in the company just because they have that little paper. So why stop kids from getting that degree?. I mean lets be honest here not all High schools are equal or on the same footing. So why punish the kid?

    Is it because you don’t want colleges taking kids just because they can play? That some how that will do damage to the concept of a student athlete? I think we are way past that. In case you didn’t notice student athletes get paid to play their respected sports.

    So NCAA quite acting like you care and Free the Diallo

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