No more Bad Ball and nothing but Good Ball

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    If KU plays bad ball this season?


    Run me over with your car or truck, and tell the paramedics I’m an organ donor.

    Invite me to your home and serve me fiddles laced with poison.

    Take me to Spain to run with the bulls and then trip me when we start to run.

    Promise me a night of drinking and fun, yet don’t bring any money.

    Hide some meth on my possession and drop me off in MU land.

    Buy me home tickets to a UK home game.

    Because if KU is playing bad ball. Then KU is in big trouble, and the season is lost.

  • Well said. The end of Bad Ball can’t come soon enough for me.

  • Banned


    No reason for KU to play Bad Ball this year. They have talent and experience everywhere.

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