Kansas, Oklahoma post game

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    I thought we looked better. The passing game is still horrible. I’ve seen better passing in a Jr High game. At the beginning of the game we had Heaps rolling out and I thought that was a good idea. Then we went away from it. I’m not sure if they used a moving pocket after the first quarter.

    To me the Cozart move was questionable. His first snap actually started out good with the big run but it was whistled back. Don’t know how it would have went without that flag but I still think the timing of his insertion was off. If we were losing and needed to change things up then I’m all for throwing in Cozart. I understand Cozart practiced this week but still ripping off the red shirt when you have the lead and a trace of momentum wasn’t worth it IMHO.

    Special teams weren’t all that great. Minus the blocked punt by Ford I would say the special teams was a disaster. Two missed field goals which one was returned by OU and then the blocked punt that resulted in a safety is uncalled for. Just a few weeks ago we thought the kicking game had improved! Maybe they stopped practicing?

    All-in-all I see progress from two years ago. It just hasn’t resulted in W’s on the field. It all comes down to: improve the O-Line play, a better passing game, and "Weis"er play calling. It’s what we say every week.

    Anyone else have any thoughts on the game?

  • Pretty unfortunate that KU’s best unit (special teams) was its worst on Saturday. Better special teams play and no pass-interference penalty (when KU was up 13-0…leading to an OU TD) and this game becomes a nail biter.

    I thought the Cozart move would have made better sense coming out after half time. Let OU make adjustments for Heaps and surprise them a bit with a different look.

  • Coach said the Cozart move in the second quarter was planned from the start, but you’d think if the offense was clicking you wouldn’t want to shake that up. Isn’t that the second game in a row where a quarterback change killed our momentum? It’s good to have a plan, but if it ain’t broke…

  • Weiss makes at least one or two decisions each game that seem to make no sense. At first, I just figured he’s a terrible coach, then I realized he is playing a 9-dimensional chess game (mostly in his own head) that us mere mortals can’t possibly comprehend.

    With these bizarre decisions (e.g., playing Cozart, not going for 4th and 6 inches down 12, fake punt from the goal line) He’s not just setting up the next play, the next possession or next half. He’s setting up the next game, next season… his next coaching job.

  • I never was good at 9-dimensional chess (or the other kind either). And yes, I just shake my head and wonder what was he thinking…

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