OK guys. Tonights Outcome. lets hear it.

  • ok guys, so whats the concensus? not knowing what Serbia has, looks like then been winning by abut a average of 22 per game, I think it will be close either way, wanting to think with my head and not my heart. that’s why I say close either way, hopefully we can just keep doing what we’ve been doing, but this is a different horse. Sooo, what ya think? ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY


  • Serbia is a solid team with players that have played together before while KU continues to improve with every game and has yet to reach its potential. KU cannot afford to get behind because Serbia will not allow the big runs KU has been able to do so far. KU need to take care of the ball and keep turnovers very low since Serbia will take advantage of every miscue. The Serbian players are experienced and very familiar with FIBA rules and know how to take advantage of them while KU is still learning the ropes and still unsure how to take advantage of them such when the ball is over the cylinder. Close game with KU pulling it off at the end.

  • Serbia has allowed opponents only 9.7% success from beyond the arc. YIKES! We could really use Svi with a hot hand. Greene probably could not get off a shot, even when in top form. I notice that Mason leads the entire tournament field in trips to the freethrow line. Gotta hope his body holds up with the bruisers he will face tonight. Moore could be in for a slaughter. All this doom and gloom aside, I think we will muster just enough offense to squeak out another win. Gonna be a huge defensive battle.

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