What happened to Perry?

  • I’m hoping Perry fifn’t get hurt, he disappeared and never came back in after contact I think slightly after midway through the 3rd quarter, hit his knee and the I believe a time out or something and looked like he might have walked off with a slight limp, but not 100 % sure. All I know is he never came back in. he didn’t play in the 4th I know for sure anybody know? Great game, Seldon play another great game, glad to see the bigs help out, Jamari & Mickelson both good game.ic had a horrible game , turnovers and fouls out but hey we won which is huge. International play is so physical should help us regular season well on to the next game. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • He tweaked his ankle it shouldn’t be nothing serious

  • The play was when the Brazilian drove the lane but slipped, had his feet go out from under him, slid under the basket and was called for traveling.

    Perry was airborne and came down. Announcer mentioned Perry as being 6’8" 225 at the time.

    Looked like on the initial replay that Perry escaped damage by straddling the Brazilian player when he landed, but while they were mopping up the court they did a quick fade away to the KU bench as Perry was gimpy and walking very slowly.

    The announcers mentioned nothing at the time.

  • @SoftballDad2011 That’s what I saw too.

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