jSPN FAKE HEADLINES: Demeter Pronounces KU Recruiting Over For This Season

  • jSPN stringers in Athens Greece consulted with Demeter, the Greek goddess of the harvest, who presided over grains and the fertility of the earth, and learned that KU’s harvest of recruits is over for this season.

    Demeter said, “There will be talk of more recruits, but what’s done is done. It was sketchy harvest. No footers. Only one OAD. Not enough domestic varieties to compete in the WUG without bringing in some players from other teams. And also not enough domestic varieties to help KU bridge through injuries, er, bridge through being nicked up, as they say in Edmond, OK. On the other hand, a game bunch of recruits were landed that will fight hard against the long and short stacks come the D1 scene. And certainly Persephone, Despoina, and the rest of my off spring are very excited at what I have delivered and intend to whoop it up big time at the next Big Shoe Thesmophoria and McDyonisus All Star game.”

    jSPN stringers confirm that Demeter is a recruiting goddess extraordinaire that wants to focus on the hoopahs she delivered and has laid down the law about leaving the Eleusinian Mysteries about why KU did not land a short, or a long stack, to her problematic daughter, Persephone.

    Demeter says: Rock Chalk, baby!

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