Marcus traded to Pistons

  • Just read KC Star news article that Suns are freeing up salary cap by trading Marcus and 2 others to the Pistons for a future draft pick.

  • @REHawk

    Hope they are shipping both Twins; that would be nice to see them in motor city togs.

    In Detroit, the brothers would both be allowed to fire bee-bee guns at will!!!

  • @jaybate-1.0 Somewhere last night (Yahoo Sports, I think), I found a Dave King article which lent heavy criticism toward the conduct of the Morrii. Evidently, they wore out their luster with Suns’ fans and management. Sounds as though they are not exactly “taking care of business” in the most pleasant and profitable of ways. I would imagine that Mama Morris is in a dither over their situation.

  • @REHawk

    Their situation is hard to understand.

    They have been reported as you say.

    But reporting is sometimes intentionally misleading, when stakes are very high.

    The more sports becomes “entertainment,” the more it is like Hollywood. I decided long ago not to believe any controversial stories that come from Hollywomod–not the bad or the good. It appears a dream factory, where fiction prevails over fact on screen and in real life. One never knows the truth about Hollywood, because the PR firms and the industry people and police and courts and media don’t get paid for defending the truth, or for trading in it, quite as much as elsewhere. There is no bottom line in Hollywood. Accounting and contracts are often bigger fictions there than screenplays. Every story has to be angled and sold to satisfy certain agendas that long outlast any particular story. It is not entirely different from the rest of the world in these regards, only vastly more so.

    I suspect we can never know the truth of what happened in Phoenix. Truth and the Twins appear lost in the squid ink of a Phoenix culture saving itself from appearances as much as realities. The triggering events have become eclipsed by an orgy of scapegoating and justification that leads us all to a sound and fury of CYA and nothing more.

    The Twins could be bad apples, but they could also be set up, or they could be in between; I.e., flawed as we all are but caught in a big money media whirl wind and being overwhelmed by all the dynamics of deep pocketed organizations trying to save themselves by scapegoating the Twins.

    I would have to learn a lot more about them specifically before I could judge them harshly. And those spinning and framing the story, and those paying to have it spun and framed, and those trying to CYA themselves at the twins expense appear no Angels.

    Rock Chalk!

  • @REHawk

    In fall faintness, here is a link to the article. I will preface my comments by saying that I am a fan of all Jayhawk player in the NBA and as such, likely biased. Having said that, the article seems extremely biased against the twins. For example, in one paragraph he comments about T’s that Bledsoe and Tucker got that lost them the game and some how he makes it seem like it was the twins fault. He mentions several other players that get lots of Ts and he admits that the refs have short fuse with Suns and yet he seems to think it is all the twins fault. I am not saying that the twins have not done their share of stupid things but I don’t believe they are the bulk of the problems with the team.

    Interesting that when LeBron completely emasculated his coach in the playoffs and mostly ignored him during the season many claimed he is a leader an alpha do but when Marcus react to being cussed out he is a trouble maker. Yes, LeBron and Marcus are at different levels but shouldn’t they be judged by the same rule? Many, many other players yell back at their coaches and no one bats an eye.

    Phoenix is known for having a" wine and cheese" fan crowd that is not particularly loud compared to other arenas…after being spoiled by AFH, no other arena gets louder, so maybe the comments about not having a home court advantage are indeed correct and the fans need to get off their buts and give the home team a real home advantage. This is just my opinion and in no way justifies any involvement in unlawful action they might or might not have participated.

  • @jaybate-1.0 My thoughts exactly on the twins, albeit a bit more eloquent than I would have been able to. I too tend not to believe most things out of the entertainment media. Sure, there probly is some truth to it, it is most certainly not the whole truth. “We cant handle the truth!” Ok I’ll stop now.

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