KU Hires OC

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    We asked for it and hopefully it’ll be worth it!!! KUSports

    *Note: I think that’s an old picture of him…

    I kid… Here’s the actual John Reagan

    John Reagan

  • Guess OCs are like eggs… if you can’t beat em, poach em!

  • A smart move. A up and coming OC that wants to be back in Lawrence with his kids. Only bad news is that he can’t start recruiting for a while. Very happy to hear this. Great news!

  • Some have asked “what kind of offense does he run?”. Short answer is: one that has scored 45TDs this season…any further questions? With 45 TDs, we may have had the Ws THIS SEASON to be bowl-eligible.

    And Reagan will have some “real” (notturzilli) weapons next season: 2 QBs with experience, #1 college WR from last year (Harwell), healthy Pierson, Mundine, Taylor Cox, Bourbon, and an Oline that at least has a year of experience (along with 5 frosh Olinemen that are getting Holsoppled, and practicing…).

    Hoping we somehow pull a shocker against purple, but really looking fwd to next season. RCJH!!

  • Coach Grunhard tweeted the following about 40 minutes ago:

    “@KU_oline: Jayhawk nation Ty for making me and my family feel so welcome over the past 2 years. It’s time to a Dad again#swimdad#61&12 Rockchalk!”

    I wish him nothing but the best and hopefully this is mutually beneficial to both parties. KU definitely needed a change up on offense and esp on the O-line. Hoping also to see a change at the QB coaching position as I feel Ron Powlus has underachieved at his job as well.

  • Glad to see that MAYBE we’re headed in a good direction for football. Wondering why does Aquib Talib always say he’s from west texas when he spent 3 years at KU? There’s a cornerback playing for Denver and he says he’s from KU. With all of Talib’s legal troubles that’s fine but is he ashamed to say he’s from KU? Just something I noticed watching the Denver - New England game last Saturday.

  • @hayshawk Chris Harris is the CB for Denver.

  • @dylans - Steven Johnson is a linebacker for the Broncos also. Love Harris and Johnson, but I hope they lose on Sunday!!

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