Tarik Black

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Josh Pastner should always apologize to Tarik Black every time they happen to meet.

    How Pastner kept Black from becoming a monster talent in D1 I will never understand.

    If Self and Norm had him even 3 seasons the guy would have been a lottery pick.

    He is just an amazing physical talent with an exceptional mind to go with the equipment.

    I hope he just keeps progressing incrementally in the NBA and avoids severe injury and one day he will be an important piece of a championship team.

  • He is awesome and a great guy. I’m really pleased that he played at KU.

  • Very happy for him too. What a strong finish. I hope the Lakers reward him with a nice contract.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 You know how much I hate play in the league and wouldn’t cross the street to watch a game in the owners suite. But damn I like Tarik so much and so happy to see him get starts I think I’d walk barefoot across broken glass, buy a ticket and sit in the nosebleed section to watch and cheer for him.

  • @brooksmd Now that is REAL APPRECIATION of a Jayhawk who did us very proud while he was here. Once the Lakers give him a much deserved contract they/the NBA should pay him handsomely to visit college players as well as AAU players of all ages (say a session at AAU tourneys) to show them the light.

    Way to go Tarik and RCJH.

  • @brooksmd you are so dramatic!!😉

  • @brooksmd I would take your owners suite for a Jayhawk playing!!

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