Nike is King of shoe wars

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    Think about how much power Nike has for a second. Let it sink in. Now some of you are like what are saying? What are you talking about? No Shoe companies don’t persuade a kid to go to that school or that school. Put down the peace pipe DoubleDD its affecting your brain.

    OK answer me this question? How does Jaylen Brown wind up at Cal? The kid spoke for himself not so long ago about how important it was for him to attend an Adidas school. Not my words but his. So how did he wind up in the backyard of Nike? How did he wind up in Nike country?

    I’m not saying I was expecting him to come to KU or anything. Kind of glad he didn’t, but that doesn’t answer the question of how Jaylen Brown became a Nike beetch. You all read the articles. You all were keeping a close eye on where Jaylen was thinking about going. Even @KonkeyDong said he was surprised to see Jaylen commit to Cal, and @KongDong is like the most reliable source we have on KU Buckets.

    Jaylen’s commitment makes no sense. You seen it? You know where he was going? He was going to be a Spartan. Every thing about Jaylen said Spartan. Yet somehow Nike wielded it’s power to the point of insanity, and now Jaylen will be attending Cal.

    Nike is a force Guys and Gals. A real force.

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