This is an optimistic article on our team


    The sub headline says this: “There might not be another team in the country as deep, talented and experienced as the Jayhawks.” I’m really liking the sound of that. I’m not sure who this writer is. He projects Svi as a starter and Cheick as well.

    Our experience with reliance on rookies in the last two seasons still makes me a bit uneasy about this very optimistic outlook. But I want to believe the optimistic outlook. I want Kansas to start winning games over quality opponents by 20 points again. I want Perry and Co. to develop a swagger that we haven’t seen in Lawrence in a few years. I want to see KU’s name on top of the rankings some weeks if not all weeks of the season. I want to hear KU’s name mentioned on the short list of teams that have a chance to win it all.

    So put my bi polar personality on the upswing. I can’t wait for 2015-2016. A KU mini-dynasty is about to commence!

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