• I was reading Tom Keegan’s article about being a Final Four Contender on the old site and made the mistake of reading the comment section after I fake answered a Google questionnaire. These folks make @KUinLA look like a real Jayhawk and coach Self fan in comparison. Who is this Crain guy? Real trolls pop up with, “So what, we’ll will still lose in the round of 32.” I’m a big Coach Self fan that does not attend any practices and trust that he knows far more than I do about coaching. We criticize coaching decisions on this site but we attempt to do our best to explain the reasoning behind our dissent. I have friends that back other schools in the BIG 12 and for years I have been hearing about how unfair it is that KU gets all the breaks, all the recruits and all the attention. We would not have all of these jealousy’s and protest if our coach was not a winner that sometimes wins Conference Titles with teams that sometimes aren’t the most individually talented. The 2012 team was to me, one of the best coaching jobs I’ve ever seen. Yes, we are spoiled and are getting criticized everyday on the radio for being jerks, but I am pretty sure the so-called fans they are talking about live at the old site. I will continue to read the articles and give a fake answer to Google to read it, but as others on this site have done, I will quit reading the comment section.


  • @wrwlumpy NO WHERE near the level of comments of what I read in the ISU article about Diallo picking KU. OMG. I was embarrassed for them. If that is being an ISU fan, I can see where Melvin Waxman (or whatever his name is) comes from. Being cooped up all winter does strange things to them in corn country. Or is it the animal husbandry they are familiar with? 🙂

  • “It’s interesting to me that people who have achieved great things and understand how hard it is to be really good at something are the first to congratulate you. People who have not accomplished much in their lives are the first to criticize you.” Geno Auriemma

    This applies to more than a few posters at the old site, but only a couple here.

  • All I want to know is what is that thing roasting over the fire?

  • @nuleafjhawk

    Horse leg?

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