Excerpt from The Holy Grail of Hoops: One Fan's Quest to Buy the Original Rules of Basketball

  • David Booth lives here in Austin. I’ve written him and thanked him for bringing the Rules back to KU. An incredible story. Everyone should watch the 30/30 video at least once. It will give you chills. Rock Chalk!

  • While this is a documentary about the rules of basketball, I was most struck by the back-story of a fan, Josh Swade, who dedicated himself to a quest and stuck with it against immense odds. Kudos to David Booth for putting up the money, but the real credit should go to the KU fan who hounded him into doing it.

    Josh Swade had no money or connections or really any business playing at this level. But he had determination and moxie to call up people he didn’t know and ask them to help. And when it looked like it wasn’t going to happen, he refused to give up.

    I guarantee no KU fan can watch this without a tear in the eye and a cheer in the heart.

  • The 30 for 30 was amazing. Loved the line from Allen’s wife when she found out the other bidders we Duke fans…

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