Is It Time to Reread "Sole Influence: Basketball, Corporate Greed, and the Corruption of American Youth"?

  • Unknown.jpeg It was written by Dan Wetzel and Don Yaeger back in 2000.

    Here is the summary of the book on Amazon.

    “Explosive and controversial, this expos[e] uncovers the exploitation of college, high school, and even junior high basketball players by the billion-dollar atheltic shoe companies competing for national endorsements.”

    Could it conceivably still be like this 14 years later?

    Or has it all worked out for the best?

  • jaybate unmasked?

  • @KUinLA

    Yes, I am Dan Wetzel.

    Good to hear from you, Don.

    @KUinLA, you are Don Yaeger, aren’t you?


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