NIKE HOOPS SUMMIT: Inclusion and Omission

  • I just read that Jaylen Brown was the only non-Nike player to be invited to the Hoops Summit. He came up through the Adidas AAU circuit, and supposedly has stated that he favored attending an Adidas school. I suppose this is why our own Carlton Bragg was a no-show at the Hoops Summit. Contamination of the Nike brand…

  • @REHawk did Ingram turn it down?

  • I just read the lineups for tomorrow’s Jordan Classic. No Carlton Bragg.

  • @REHawk

    The “Nike” Hoops Summit and the Jordan (read “Nike” ) All Star game are obviously sponsored by Nike and as such it makes sense they would lean towards Nike program players. Maybe Adidas should Start the Adidas World Invitational game to showcase Adidas leans. No question that Nike’s marketing is better than Adidas.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Here’s a significant question: Why would any top 20 recruit commit to a Div. 1 Adidas program until AFTER the Nike Hoops Summit and Jordan Brand Classic games? To do so is to pretty well nip the chances of being showcased in those elite spring contests. Jaylen Brown appears to be something of an exception this year, although he has not yet committed to a school…Adidas, Nike or otherwise. Probably, wisely so. Jaybate is right, the deck is unjustly stacked. Capitalism RULES.

  • @REHawk I was going to suggest that we scrap shoes altogether for college basketball players.

    But then Kentucky and Missouri would get everyone…🐾

  • @REHawk

    Most coached know what players can do long before rosters are announced, years in many cases, and they will not recruit them based on the inclusion/exclusion in an All-Star game or two. Many if not most of the recruits have already committed to a school before the All-Star games anyway, so the recruiting dynamics do not really change. Do you think that KU would stop pursuing Diallo if was not includes in one or more of these games? I think not. I bet Thon Makes wishes he would not have played in the Nike Hoops Summit…:)

  • The thing I want to stress here yet again is that PetroShoeCos exert absolutely no influence on Division 1 basketball, Division 1 basketball recruiting, Division 1 basketball program stacking, Division 1 coaching hires, Division 1 tournament seeding, and Division 1 Officiating. None. Zero. Zip. The PetroShoeCos are like the Federal Reserve. They have absolutely no biasing effect on anything. They are both absolutely impartial.


  • @jaybate-1.0

    Are you saying the Federal Reserve has no bias? The other I can believe, the Federal Reserve?..not so much. 🙂

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