Conference Title or a loss in Final 4?

  • This was another thread posted earlier, but I want to re-phrase the question.

    Win an 11th Big12 Conference Title as we did and not know for sure what would happen in the NCAA’s.

    OR Go 38 and 0, the top overall #1 seed and lose in the Final 4 having your unbeaten streak snapped and a perfect season all for not. Or OR!!! Make a run to the Final 4 as a lower seed and then get spanked by 20 points, the worse loss in tournament history for your school?

  • @JRyman

    First, I hope you are feeling better.

    The question is difficult in KU’s case because the Conference Championship is one more building block in a run to break the all time record for Conference Championship in a row, an accomplishment that without exception all sport analysts consider to be a monumental accomplishment that will mean more than one single NCAA Title. A conference title represents continuous excellence throughout a season while a final four run involves having the right match ups and a good deal of luck…does anyone saw MSU making it to the Final Four or ConU…I mean UConn winning it all last year? I certainly did not and it took a lot of luck to get there.

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