And the Badgers walked on water

  • Banned

    Thank you so much. The last couple of years has turned me sour. It seemed the college game had come to who had the best and the most talent. In so many ways I felt the game I loved was going away.

    Yet the Badgers proved me wrong and restored my faith. Yes a team can win with homegrown players, yes a team could win, when the refs wanted to give the game to the Goliath, yes a team could win with a good game plan, yes a team can win with a coach that knows how to x and O it.

    HCBS if this is what you want to build then count me in, but pay attention. This nasty Badger team had the green light from three land.

    Game on KU fans. Hell yea.

  • @DoubleDD

    Well put!

  • They walked on water and fed thousands.

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