What is Adidas up too?

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    As we’ve discussed the Topic of Shoe Wars. Here’s another sampling to add to the list.

    Make sure to watch the whole thing at the end it confirms what many already feel. I wonder if Adidas is up to something? 🙂

    Adidas Sway

  • @DoubleDD just hope it us instead if UCLA…likely has immediate and significant playing time if he becomes a Bruin though.

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    Yea but he would have the same thing at KU. Plus a better team. Uh guess I need to retract that last statement? Especially in light of the conversations on KU Buckets that tournament success decides the best conference and the best teams. I guess UCLA would have the better team, as they did make it to the sweet 16. '(.

  • @DoubleDD I think we have a better team! Just not sure Self’s history of making big time recruits earn their minutes goes over well with some of them.

    I really appreciated Bragg’s comments that basically said (paraphrasing here) he didn’t expect minutes and didn’t think freshman were supposed to get them until they earned them. Those are the guys I want on our team…just not many of them out there these days,

  • @SoftballDad2011 I’m watching the national hs finals game on espn. Lots of technicals.

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    ESPN’s reporters are propounding CONSPIRACY THEORIES and I for one am sickened by this kind of paranoia!!!

    Anyone in their right mind knows that a shoe company that pays a school $45m and sponsors power AAU teams has no purpose other than giving back to the game.

    All these conspiracy theorists at ESPN need to be declared enemy combatants and sent to Gitmo!

    (Note: all of the above is satiric fiction. No malice. The question is not what is adidas doing? Adidas appears to be meeting a competitive standard. The question is why do ESPN reporters seem surprised not by what is going on, but by Jaylen Brown’s reputed quoted candor? )

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    Yea Jaylen Brown was telling it like it was. ")

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