• OADs are not bad. UK and Duke prove that. Keeping them healthy and in large supply is the trick. They get hurt easily, because they are young and green.

    Oubre’s knee was apparently hurt first third and last third of the season, but they appear unwilling to talk about this for fear of injuring his draft status.

    A healthy Oubre would have performed all season as he did in the middle third.

    We need all the OADs the adidas-agent complex can provide plus any we can strip off the Nike-agent complex dump truck.

    Things are settled into a new equilibrium and now it’s just good old elbow grease recruiting expoiting the Dakari Johnsons missing millions and selling our positives.

    This appears what Rick Pitino was trying to tell everyone. The NCAA has normalized the new system and so now everyone has to start playing the new wAy, not waiting for UK to be hammered. Duke was the first to adapt. KU will catch up next. Bet on it.

  • Not sure this goes here but couldn’t find any current “recruitment” post:

    From:JayhawkSlant ‏@JayhawkSlant · 27m27 minutes ago

    Stephen Zimmerman talks about pressure to stay home and #Jayhawks still in the thick of things #kubball

    JayhawkSlant ‏@JayhawkSlant · 29m29 minutes ago

    #KU still very much in the mix for Jaylen Brown. His latest interview #kubball

  • @jaybate-1.0 I’m a bit slow in digesting your analysis. I get Dakari’s position is negative for Cali, but how did NCAA normalized the system? Please expound - for me? Thanks, jb.

  • @HawksWin

    In the story during the season in which Rick Pitino talked about the influence of agents and agent runners on player’s choices about shoe brand contracted programs, Pitino indicated more or less at the end that the NCAA had indicated to him that it had no problems with what was going on with the issues he had noted, and so he indicated he had no problems with things either. What his remarks appeared to suggest to me was that agents and agent runners influences he had been referring to were now just a regular part of the process and that coaches were going to have to adapt accordingly. Hope that helps.

  • @RockChalkinTexas

    Good news about Zimmerman. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Zimmerman and another big show up with Bragg in the front court, and a couple OADs in the back court show also, for next season. I would love to see Self get the chance he deserves; i.e., to coach against Cal and K with the same kind of talent. When he had comparable talent in 2008, he won the ring. When he had half the the talent in 2012, he got to the finals. He is a great, great coach that deserves a shot at competing with the same level of talent.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Got cha. Thanks!

  • @jaybate-1.0 One thing about you jb is that you don’t sway from your loyalty or conviction. Sometimes I question my loyalty & commitment to Self - after a horrible loss - but you always stay true to Self. That’s admirable & hard to find these days. A real true friend Self has in you.

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