The Bragg Identity

  • I have been thinking about Carlton Braggs role on next year’s KU team. He will have Perry, Jamari, and Landen to compete wuth for playing time. We are also on the trail of blue chip PF/C recruits Thon Maker, Cheick Diallo, and Stephen Zimmerman. I believe that we will get one of those three players. I do not have any inside info on the recruiting of any of them, so I am just going to confide in 247s crystal ball and assume that we get Cheick Diallo for the sake of argument.

    I have also been thinking about Brannen Greene’s role on next year’s KU team. Withholding a miracle, Brannen won’t start, but he will be one of the first players off the bench. Some of you see where I am going with this. Brannen has had some bright spots, and I believe he has a bright future. He has a beautiful stroke, good size for a guard, and is not without athletic ability. I do not believe that Brannen is a good player. He could sure use a red shirt year. He could work tirelessly in becoming a lockdown defender. He could also work on his handles, and on being able to drive past players to create penetration and make opposing defenders pay for getting up in his grill. After his journey of self improvement, he could unleash an epic Brannen 2.0 in the 2016-17 season. But he cannot redshirt because we will need him as a backup 3 guard next season. We cannot have Svi be our only guard off the bench, even if he does get a lot better. But there is a way to fix this problem: we give Brannens minutes to Carlton.

    It is not impossible. If we start Frank, Graham, Selden, Ellis, and Diallo, then we could have Svi back up the 2 spot, Carlton back up the three, and have Traylor and Lucas back up the 4 and five, while always keeping in either Mason or Graham to play the point.

    This may never work, as I have never seen Carlton play, but from my understanding he is a good shooter who is projected to play a stretch four in the college game. I also hear that he is rather quick and very athletic. If he has the shooting touch then he can score from the 3 spot. If he has the athleticism then he is just small enough that he can defend it at 6-9. He probably leaves a little to be desired from a ball handling, driving and passing standpoint at the three, but I cannot imagine him being much worse than Brannen at any of those three categories.

    For comparisons sake, I believe that this would be similar to UKs use of Trey Lyles or Texas’s use of Johnathan Holmes at the three due to stacked frontcourt.

  • Where I said “panhandling” I meant “ball handling”.

  • In the previous two posts I meant “ball handling” where is says “panhandling”. Autocorrect is not being nice to me.

  • @TheDrunkenJhawk Is it autocorrect or are you fulfilling your username?? Haha!

  • Zing! Zong!

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