• Banned

    Something very interesting happened to day. Have you heard of kicking a man while he’s down? or pouring salt in an open wound? Yea well that just happened today. No us KU fans didn’t see or feel it yet, but the burn the pain is coming. This season is done for KU and it’s fans, and talk has turned to why we should play bad ball and why we should shoot more threes. Some KU fans take the stance of how dare anyone question the great HCBS, others think he is being to stubborn and inflexible with his offense of scheme. Leaving some KU fans confused and dazed not sure what side to take.

    Did you see who made the Final 4 this year? Here comes the burn and pain my friends. Next year when we open up a new season with hopes of a great year and KU well play in the Champions Classic. Yep!!! Now do you see it? Yep that is right Kentucky, Duke, and Michigan St. all made it to the final 4. While KU took it’s usual early round exit. Real #@$& nice.

    Let me say finding KU buckets has made me a better fan, a knowledge fan, and it’s helped my typing skills. I’m always amazed at the theories that are posted, the in depth break down of the game not only by opinions but numbers.

    Well boys and girls all I can say is whatever we is or are doing isn’t working.

    Also let me just say this. I know must of if not all on KUBuckets are diehard KU fans. Some will believe and just trust HCBS in whatever he does, while some will question HCBS and the results he has. Neither one is bad, or wrong. Some KU fans will believe no matter what, while some will say hey this isn’t going to work. I know the debate must happen, and I most likely will stir the pot myself. Just remember we are all KU fans and we love and care about our Jayhawks.

    Besides, I can’t help it if you can’t see the light and see the truth I’m laying down. 🙂

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