Comparative Energy Levels: UK-UCinn Game and SMU-UCLA Games

  • The difference in energy between the UK-UCinn game and the SMU-UCLA game that followed it astonished me.

    The guys in the UK-UCinn game were like Autobots and Decepticons going at it. Or maybe Decepticons fighting Decepticons. 🙂

    Whatever those two teams were really going at it and really rocking each other around the wood.

    It seemed like war out there part of the time.

    UCinn’s Ellis really turned it into an alley fight and UK’s bigs looked like they had really not had a taste of that level of toughness. But do do the UK players justice, they did not wilt, even though they needed the refs to gift wrap the game for them.

    By comparison, SMU and UCLA appeared to be a couple D-II teams playing back in 1965. They seemed almost prissy by comparison. Never thought I would say that about an LB team, or an Alford team.

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