Thought for the night

  • Landen Lucas on the future: “Coach (Bill) Self understands what it takes to make it deep in the tournament. Going forward, we have to make sure whatever he says to do, to do it. It starts from the top down as far as leadership goes. Next year we have to make sure to do what he tells us to do.

    “It hurts going out early. The main focus is doing whatever it takes in the future. If it’s individual improvements, we have to make those improvements, make sure we do something about it instead of just talking about not going home this early.”

    So this tells me the team didn’t buy into his game planning… It showed by their inconsistent play all year.

  • @jhawkintexas or very low bb IQ!

  • When Lucas says “it starts from the top down,” I wonder who he’s referring to exactly. Is he referring to the team leaders?

    Who would that be? The upperclassmen + Selden?

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