This time, I agree with HEM

  • Over the past few seasons, I’ve defended Self’s coaching in early exits from the dance, particularly when I felt like the loss was more on the players than the coach. HEM always takes the coaching angle (and being a sometime coach, who can blame him, and I expect such an analysis to follow). This year’s exit, though. This is on Self. He couldn’t figure out how to beat a team playing a 6’4" 6’7" 6’7" frontcourt? Really? Self needs to find another assistant that can build big men the way Manning did. Lucas did a fine job on the boards, but our inability to outscore WSU in the paint was ridiculous. Anyway, I’m probably done for a couple months. Let you know if I hear anything good on the recruiting wire. Otherwise, God bless and take care for a while.

  • Agreed. I posted elsewhere I left the game after 5 minutes into the second half. Where was HM the first half? Did we use him at all. Why doesn’t Mason learn from diving to the rim and turning it over?

  • Checked the box score. Greene & Selden over 20 minute each with ZERO points. Lucas ONE of TWO shots against a smaller team? Zero time for Hunter?

    WSU hit plenty of threes and we go to the rim without height?

    This loss is on Self for lack of adjustments.

  • @konkeyDong Is this a first (time you agreed) or what? Landagoshen !! We got a spankin alright. Too early for me to try & digest this one, but I posted pre-game that Bill should get Mick in the game the first time LL needed a blow. That one thing for sre that I disagreed with. The rest-too early to tell yet. Like someone said, I just prefer to mourn in peace for awhile rather than say something hateful or stupid.

  • Why did Mickelson not play? Could it be they had him scouted as a foul machine?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Actually as pissed as I was I might have typed Seldom.

    I need to go cool off.

  • @JayhawkRock78 I’m very upset too! Can’t believe u don’t watch!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 As I say I watch till they stink it up which is too often and then use the DVR. At 60 I don’t need to watch them play like sh*t. I check the score and if they get back in the game I start up where I left. It has been the smart thing for me this year. I haven’t checked the stats but I would bet there has NEVER been a KU team build so many 8 to double digit leads to let a team bring it back to the wire or beat them-sometimes flat out like today.

    Maybe Stat Machine or Donkey can assist.

  • @JayhawkRock78 You, me and the whole KU team, evidently, left the game 5 minutes into the second half.

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