It's Game Day and the reasonable WSU fan is here

  • a). Can’t wait to hear those Jayhawks fans whine after we put them in their place

    b. Gonna be a great game…hope we can pull out the win.

    c). I just hope we don’t get blown out.

    d). Crap!..didn’t think we’d ever have to play them…wish I hadn’t talked all that smack.

    e). Other - ________________ (your response here)

  • The reasonable fans are feeling the same way we’ll feel when we meet Kentucky in the regional final…combination of b and c.

    The unreasonable fans are talking more smack than ever since they know they only have about 6-7 hours left to do it.

  • Probably all of the above. Like any other program WSU has all different types of fans, some are knowledgeable and reasonable and some ignorant and obnoxious…

  • From what I’ve read, you’ve limited voting to a small subset of WSU fans. The rest would answer (a).

    (I have no first hand experience, just my impression from far away)

  • @tundrahok I’m 40 miles away, way to close, I’m seeing way to much of Gregg Marshall!!!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I can only imagine!

  • Dang Izzo is one of if not the best tourney coaches every post season. They look great.

  • @truehawk93

    They got some key calls from the refs at critical times. When Virginia was about to catch up, trapped the MSU player that lost control of the ball and while the ball was bouncing and no team had possession, they awarded a time out to MSU and saved the possession. After that they sent the best MSU free throw shooter to the line on a ticky-tack call and compensated at the other end by sending UVa’s worst free throw shooter to the line, Maybe, because of all of the TV angles now available we are becoming more aware of all the bad calls that go on during games…or refs are getting worse.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Come on…I would love to blame refs. Bottom line, Virginia was not the better team. I had Izzo’s Spartans all the way regardless of the officials. When you don’t make shots or FTs, you’re not going to win. I thought they were consistent both ways. It’s not one call or another. It’s simple: Teams have to score and prevent the officials from “blowing” calls. You can’t expect to win with the officials making the right calls. We all know that won’t happen. I think Virginia was expecting too much love from the officials. They don’t know Izzo’s teams.

  • @SoftballDad2011 and the reasonable WSU fan is thinking

    I would suggest that would be an oxymoron…

  • @truehawk93

    Larry Brown called…he says the refs do decide games :)

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