SMU got screwed!

  • That was not goal tending. They need to have replay for that when it effects the outcome of a game. Feel bad for Larry the Legend. Live in Dallas and like rooting for SMU as long as he’s the coach

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  • @jhawkintexas An awful way to lose a tournament game.

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    Posted this elsewhere. Everyone on TV knows and states it’s a terrible call-and the head of refs says, " no way to know it wouldn’t go in? EVERY AGLE SHOWS IT HAS NO CHANCE. Fire John Adams.

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    The real winner of the SMU-UCLA game

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Could not agree more.

  • Pitiful way to treat a great coach.

    Be it a botched call.

    Or be it a biased call.

    For the Madness the rules need to be changed so that both calls made and calls not made can be challenged.

    The NO-CALL is a loop hole for throwing games that needs to be closed.

    Its easy to close it, too.

    If you ask for a video review during a game on a specified NO CALL, and no missed call is found, then the appealing team loses two points.

    And after the game, the appealing team gets to choose whether to submit the NO CALL finding to a No Call committee for impartial review. No game result would be reversed by the NO CALL committee, but the committee would be authorized to fire the ref for both failing to make the call, and for failing to make the call on review.

    Boom! Problem solved.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Omg-- that idea is so bad on so many levels. You’re going to call for a video review of MISSED CALLS!!! And you’re going to award or take away points on the basis of a video review of MISSED CALLS? That’s a ridiculous idea that would open an apocalyptic can of worms. And then you’re gonna put the ref’s job on the line on the basis of this? OMG–you have absolutely no on-court experience, do you? Go to bed–you’re up way too late.

    That being said, yeah, Larry and SMU go screwed. If they could’ve reviewed the call, it would have been reversed, but the rules just don’t allow it. Sometimes refs make mistakes–it’s not a perfect game, by coaches, players, or refs. That’s basketball. Or any other organized game.

    And btw, I don’t see any bias in the call–just a boom-boom play that the refs missed.

    ps–NO CALL committee?–lmao!!!

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    A"tidal wave"of no calls would only occur, IF there there were a tidal wave of no calls that were verifiable on replay, right? Because each request of a no call review would cost the requesting team 2 points when nothing was found, right? So there would never be a tidal wave of no call challenges unless…


    @KUinLA, are you suggesting there are a “tidal wave” of No Calls that are occurring?

    Good morning.

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