Where two or three Jayhawks are gathered....

  • Adversity brings out the best in people and the worst in people.

    Blessed are the peacemakers.

    I have not been a peace maker lately, I’ve been a malcontent. None of us should come here to discuss a team that we all love and have to log off mad at someone. I don’t like to be at conflict with anyone, it’s just my nature.

    Some of this comes with the rare occasion of our team scuffling of late and with the possibility of another rare early exit from the dance. Maybe we don’t know how to handle it.

    I wish we were all sitting around talking instead of typing things that can be misconstrued. Talking things out helps understanding. But we have a rather imperfect medium here that lately has gotten a little unfriendly.

    Turn the other beak… Some of you are good at ignoring others, some not so much.

    Obviously I’m not mentioning names as we all write things I think that can get a little bit nasty.

    GIve us this day our daily buckets… Keep writing, it’s fun, keep it that way!

  • @wissoxfan83 I appreciate your recent contributions and this one is a good reminder to monitor ourselves so others don’t have to do it for us. Keep up the good work!

  • @wissoxfan83 You’re not the only one. I resemble your remarks…

  • @wissoxfan83 I have to agree with you. I find that after a KU loss this year that loss almost bothers me less than knowing that when I come here to read the opinions people will be dumping on each other. This may prove the adage that winning cures many ills but it is still disconcerting.

    Somehow I am more affected by that this year on this site than I was on the “other” site. That may be because I find that it contains more chowder heads who I couldn’t care less about.

  • @wissoxfan83 Amen to that, brother. It’d be nice to be able to come to a chat board (seriously, it’s* just* a chat board) after a loss to vent over disagreements with a coach’s decisions without having everyone jump down your throat and say 'GO AWAY!!! WHY ARE YOU SAYING THAT!!! WE DON’T WANT TO HEAR THAT HERE!!! GO SAY THAT SOMEPLACE ELSE!!! THIS IS NO PLACE TO SAY THAT!!! LALALALALALA!!!

    Maybe I am in the wrong place if an opposing viewpoint makes people here so uncomfortable and arouses such ire, but seriously, it’s* just* a chat board. Lighten up, maybe?

  • @KUinLA Agreed, all the others should change but not us, right?

  • If the coach would just do what we want and the team would win every game, we wouldn’t have anything to be all nasty about.

  • There is a deference in this site vs the other. There is a certain degree of respect or maturity that illuminates among the folks here. I personally have not seen the attacks here that I have seen on the other site that is why I feel I can have an opinion and express it here. With that said, I think the disciples all gathered around their teacher but all had different opinions because they came from all walks of life and experience as we do. But they all, though different, eventually died for the cause. We may not die for the cause but we certainly get red faced and upset when we lose for what appears to be the inability to play with passion. It has always been difficult to teach young people to see the bigger picture and I cringe win I see BS tongue lashing these young fellas in front of sixteen thousand people but that is what makes them have passion for something other than Facebook. My football coach got on to me mercifully when I was a kid. I thought I was the dumbest SOB on the planet. I ran more laps around the football field than all the rest of the team put together when I was a freshmen but at the end of the season I was the only freshmen that got to suit up and actually play on the varsity team. We all have to have trials to keep us going as we can’t win every game and we can’t always understand the other persons point of view but we can respect the knowledge and maturity of the folks who care enough to have an opinion what ever it is. We passionately care about the game that’s why when we loose we need a place to console ourselves in just reading and taking in what other have to contribute or we join in and relieve the stress. Either way its all good and prophetable for edification of the gathered.

  • @KU-Flyer

    You’re right, it hasn’t gotten near the level of the other site.

  • @KU-Flyer Hey flyer, Great story about the coach who got on you so much. Obviously he saw something special in you and did what ever he could to bring it out.

  • @KU-Flyer Great Post! We may die, our cause will never die. Year after year, even after I am gone, my cause to cheer for KU will never die. I have the same passion every year since 1984. RCJH!

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