If the NBA Drafts Potential, the Entire KU Team Jumps!

  • If the NBA Drafts Potential, the Entire KU Team Jumps!

    • Frank Mason could become the toughest, quickest, fastest, best shooting, best defending, best ball handling Okie Ball point guard since Don Haskin’s Nate “Tiny” Archibald burned up the NBA. Draft him 20th and get a steal.

    • Wayne “emotional healing” Selden could become the toughest, strongest, best Trey balling, best defending, best getting-upping, 2 guard the NBA has seen in years, once he gets another year beyond the evil psycho-specter of his knee injury.

    • Kelly Oubre is purty, a leader, a tough defender and already can be everywhere on a floor with a 7 foot wing span, so when he dials in his already solid Trey in the L, he could become a perennial NBA All Star. Plus you know true OADs only show 70% of what they’ve got in D1 (see Andrew Wiggins)

    • Perry Ellis went so fast from spinning and finessing 14 PPG to stretch 4 MONSTERING 25 PPG down the stretch and from slump shouldered head shaking to swagger and laughing in a few weeks that a month more nonlinear improvement could see him lighting up the NBA.

    • Jamari Traylor is able to guard, drive, strip and block as a 3/4 playing out of position at the 5 on a conference title rotation on only one leg. Imagine what he would be doing on two good legs with a dialed in J in two seasons!!!

    • Landen Lucas just did 13/12 his first full game against a good OU front court. The guy is 6-10 and 245 and has not even filled out on top yet. When he dials in a jump hook at 255, he will do 26/15 next season, so you might as well get him now.

    • Hunter Mickelson is already better than some of the 6-10 foreign projects the NBA drafts and Hunter has been riding pine at KU. When Hunter fills out on top, he could be at least a ten year journeyman backup. Pretend Arkansas is in the Balkans. Draft him on potential.

    • Cliff Alexander? You are already going to take him on spec. Enuff said.

    • Devonte Graham? Smooth handling, slick shooting, good defending, baby-faced 6-2 inch assassin that WILL bulk up from 175 to 200 the next three years, so you might as well take him now, too. Plus the name oozes star power.

    • Greene? 6-7 45% try gun with defense and ball handling a half season from being ready to start for Self, which means he guards better than a third of NBA Trey gunners, so take him now too.

    • Svi? 6-8 17 year old guard from Ukraine that needs another year under Self practically defines an NBA draft choice on potential!!!

    Rock Chalk!!!

  • @jaybate-1.0 purty sure the correct grammar is getting upping.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Kelly? He purty.

  • @REHawk


    And imagine the room this mass exodus to the L would open up for a 10 OAD RECRUITING CLASS this September.

  • @jaybate-1.0 I like it! I like it aloot! I realize that some of your description here might be a bit of a stretch, or a bit of tongue and cheek. But I also see the actual potential here too. Especially with Landen and Mickey!! Dude, those guys were all out beast mode for us at OU.

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