T.J. Keitzman/Kevin Carpenter

  • Traveling back in from a lengthy trip to the frigid Northeast late yesterday, I tuned in to sports radio as they left me with the cliffhanger that the Kansas Jayhawks have only had one player foul out at AFH in Five Years. This was compared to almost every other school in the Big 12, as well as other Blue Bloods, including the Blue Devils of Duke.

    I listened as Keitzman brought this up chuckling because he couldn’t help himself. He pointed out that listeners should tune in to T.J.'s evening show and check out this unbelievable story. @jesse newell was in the conversation as well.

    I turned off Keitzman, and resumed my Jamming with Charlie Parker until T.J.s evening show started. He started the show by saying that didn’t care “one way or another about Kansas” and then proceeded to present his biased presentation based on one-sided data. The nuts and bolts of his monologue and point was that he wanted Kansas to admit that they have home court advantage like no other team in America, and that it was simply unfair. He leaned on the statistic that Kansas has had ONE player in FIVE years foul out at home. The next closest was Duke with 12 players in the same five year period. Caller after caller brought up good points, but T.J. refused to anecdotally address them. His response to each caller was “You keep moving the goal posts.” He simply wanted Kansas fans to admit that we have the best home court advantage in America.

    I wonder why T.J. so surprised that Kansas has such an advantage? Is he truly unaware of the Legend of the Phog and the living legend and Myth that is Kansas Basketball? Does he not know we have the most rabid fan base in all of College Basketball to go along with the finest Venue in all of Sports? The games inventor came here, basketball as we know spawned in Lawrence, Kansas.

    T.J. & Keitzman, of course we get all of the calls. Are you happy now?

  • You have.my interest. Now I will look into the guy and see what motivates him-no doubt he has is favorites.

  • @JayhawkRock78 I plan to look at Kansas Road games and see how many times players have fouled out on the road in the last five years. I don’t know a fast way to gather this information, though.

  • @Blown ask Jesse.

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