KU's bigs under Bill Self

  • Interesting article here. Not sure if I agree with Perry as #1. What do you think of his rankings?


  • @wissoxfan83 Naaaah, without even looking at the article, Coach Self’s best big recruit should be Embiid. He only stayed one season at KU so he didnt have the impact Perry has had. But, Perry really isnt a big, he is a stretch 4 like Niang. Aldrich, Trob, Darnell, Shady, Kaun, Withey. ALl those guys are better “bigs”

  • Agreed. Withey needs to be in conversation. His impact on the defensive end controlled most games.

  • @Lulufulu

    PFs and Cs are considered “bigs.” A stretch 4 or 5 is simply a Center of PF that can also hit from the outside and “stretch” the courts like Love and Nowitski in the NBA and Kaminski in college to name a few. Technically Perry plays PF so he would be considered a “big.” I personally think that he will eventually move to SF in the NBA. Many people also consider SFs as bigs and many do not; in many ways they are players not big enough to play PF and too big to play the skilled positions (PG and SG), and hence they are often referred as tweeners. Markiff and Marcus were both considered “bigs” in college since they played Center and Power Forward but in the NBA only Markiff, who plays PF is considered a big since Marcus now plays SF. Interesting that the article mentions Marcus and not Markiff who has been more successful in the NBA and now starts and stars for the Phoenix Suns while Marcus comes of the bench. I also think that omitting Withey shows the article author did not do his homework since he was the best rim protector at KU since Wilt.

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