Time for a little rest.

  • well guys here is my thoughts. With Perry’s injury last night, it’s already known that he will not play Saturday, and I’m perfectly fine with that Coach Self saying should be good to go for the Big 12 post season tourney. Give that knee time to rest, now there was a question posed from another KU thread, question asked was do we play the starters Saurday, and my response and reasoning is this, I say rest Frank some, not to say don’t sit him 100 % but start Devonte let him run the team, let Wayne rest again yes play him a little but for the most part liet him sit let Frank and Wayne be the ones to give the blows maybe 2 or 3 minutes, play Devonte, have Brennan or even get Svi some court time along with Devonte, we can really use these guys, give them more game experience i’, speaking more of Svi in this spot, play Landon, get Hunter more playing time Saturday let the front line consist of the 4 of Jamari, Kelly, and let Landon and Hunter get sufficient minutes Saurday perfect opportunity. The reason for this is we are going to need these guys help us more in the NCAA’S here is the chance to work on that. we already have the conference championship in hand outright, Joey L is already saying and he is usually pretty dam good on his projections he says we are pretty locked in to our seed at # 2 so its not like our seeding is in jeopardy we have done proven we are the true champions over a 3 month period NOT a weekend event, we absolutely have nothing to gain by playing the same starters Saturday , again they can play but for the most part, let these others work out in the overall grand scheme of things it will benefit us, especially to be able to get Landon, Hunter, and Svi some time on the floor GO HAWKS

  • @jayballer54 I don’t agree. I say play them like the whole season is on the line. Coach them like you were Rick Barnes andyour job depended on it. And don’t let up until the final buzzer… Of course this is only because I’m going to the game with my whole family.

    It’s funny, after last Monday s game vs KSU, I was sure the OU game would be meaningless and I was going down there to watch the Jayhawks be throttled in their way to giving up the streak. On 1 week has passed and the game is still meaningless, however, it’s on the total opposite side of the spectrum! Gotta love college hoops. No sport is as unpredictable and, to me, more enjoyable. Which gets me thinking, if you’re a gambler and try to make your nut on college hoops, you’re probably not winning much money.

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