The True Calling of Jamari Traylor

  • Every night he takes the court, Traylor faces the same steep challenge: Play the 4 or 5 with a 6’6" frame. We’ve all talked about his mobility and quick first step. He can obviously drive the ball.

    Last night’s break-out performance made me start picturing Jam-Tray as a 3. Could this guy be Self’s next made-not-born small forward? He’s agile enough. Fast enough. Athletic enough.

    If Traylor shows up next season with a consistent jumper out to fifteen feet (or further, but that would be a miracle), does Self give him looks at the small forward slot?

  • Jamari last night was the Jamari I thought he would be this season. Last year he led the Big 12 in scoring percentage, because everything he shot was within 5 feet, except 5 or 6 times when he would be perfect from 10 feet out with a great jump shot. He needs to attend some kind of pro camp this summer to maximize his skills. For a guy who slept in a car during the winter in Chicago, he will make a lot of money two years from now playing in Europe.

  • @wrwlumpy I pray for that!!!

  • I worry that he’ll have a hard time playing pro ball in the post at his size…totally agree on the skills camp. He needs to attend Moving Away from the Post Camp with breakout sessions on Getting a Jumpshot & Building a Midrange Game.

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