The sweet nector of Revenge

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    I have to admit the WV loss just riled my soul and left me in a fit of rage. (As some of you could tell) ') I don’t know why but that loss hurt me.

    As a fan I want revenge. I want those Mountaineers, hillbilly song playing fans to know what madness is.

    Welcome to the PHOG. Rolk Chalk.

  • I hear Staten (their best Guard) will not be playing tonight !! Also their other starting Guard will not play either. So … it sounds like they will be starting with a couple Freshman Guards.

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    Hopefully they play. I don’t want any excuses when they enter the Phog and lose their minds. 😉

  • @DoubleDD No they are in their sweats and will sit the bench tonight. This is according to KU pregame discussion on radio with their regular announcers talking plus Greg Gurley. They say this might be an opportune time to play more of Graham and rest Mason some. Interesting!

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    Well damn. 😞 I guess Mason could use a rest though. Boy has been a work horse for KU this year.

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