For REHawk and the Bad Ball Brigade

  • @REHawk

    #11 is for Perry and you and Coach Selfwho believed Perry could getter done.!!!

    Congratulations most of all to Perry who carried basketball’s Merrill’s Marauders through one of the toughest jungle schedule slogs in the country.

    This is the point that the team takes a breather and the team physician walks around the locker room and comes to Self and says this team–the 2014-2015 Fighting 5037th–has done the impossible and taken the B12 crown for you, Bill, And it has earned a well deserved rest. What you and these young men have done is nothing short of miraculous. And as he says this Bill is drawing up plans of attack for the WVU, OU, conference tournament, Madness, and a final game against UK in Myitkyina. The team can’t do it, Bill, the doc says. You can’t do it. They agree to take a walk by the exhausted players. The doc recites the facts. Mason’s legs are shot. OUBRE is running on one wheel. Selden can’t clear the floor. Devonte could only go 4 minutes the last game. We dont even know what’s wrong with him! Perry? He has been on the ragged edge carrying the team for too long. He can’t keep doing double doubles without help indefinitely. Traylor? His explosiveness is gone. His hip flexor doesn’t even flex. He can barely walk! Lucas? He was never supposed to play this much. He is beyond his envelope. He dunked and fell down the last game. Cliff? He is shell shocked. Even if you get him back he is clueless now from not practicing or playing. Sternum bruised. Eyes puffed up to slits. DNP. And the CO? Brigadier General Frank “the Self” Merrill? You’ve been driving yourself and these players to the breaking point since October 15. You’ve been recruiting and fund raising and coaching like you were 30 instead of 50. Same with your staff. Old guys trying to act like they were 20 years younger. And whoever is out to get you and this team by funneling talent out of Kansas, and stacking other programs, and leaking on Cliff, and leaking air travel expenses stories before a big game for an eleventh title, is not going to stop now. No, Coach, the 5037th Fighting Jayhawks is done as a fighting unit. It’s not that it doesn’t want to fight. It CAN’T fight!

    And the team physician looks at Self incredulously as he returns to scribbling actions to get inside looks and searching stats for opposing team’s weaknesses. And calling recruits, and dialing for dollars and checking his cell phone calendar for the next interview, and reordering practice drills and ordering flowers for Cin.

    You can’t ask these young men to go to Myitkina, Frank, they’re finished. They’ve got nothing left. You’ve got nothing left!

    They’re not finished! They’ll go, because it’s the mission. They’ll go because this is what they were trained to do. We didn’t train just to stop here, at a title. The title was just an objective. Myitkyina was the goal all along. They just didn’t need to think about it until now. And if it weren’t Myitkyina, it would have beeen somewhere else. In this kind of warfare, in this kind of season, the opponents–the matchups–decide where we go and how we go there. These players will go Myitkyina. They just have to strap them up. And wrap the tape. And lace them on, and put one adidas in front of the other. We ARE going to Myitkyina.

    And now no one rationally thinks they can do it. No one believes they can get to Myitkyina, much less take it, but one leader and the young men of the 5037th Fighting Jayhawks, the new Merrill’s Marauders of college basketball --the Bad Ball Brigade that just…will…not…quit!

    And so its on to Myitkyina.

    It’s going to get way tougher.

    No one has seen anything like this before.

    If you want to go to Myitkyina, the march resumes tonight.

  • @jaybate-1.0 I am befuddled, trying to figure what Self will next do. Somewhere early in the bowels of your post I caught the whiff of ominous gas. This squad needs some R+R. But can it bounce back if the Man takes his foot off the pedal for a week or two?

  • @REHawk The conference tourney just became a lot less important. KU pretty much has a 2 seed locked up regardless of their performance in it. I cant believe that Coach Self will go full out with his guys just to win that tourney and lose steam later this month.

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