• well guys Baylor just gave us a gift. NOW its time to finish this. The ball is definitely in our court now. in order for us to screw this up we would have to lose at home, and I just don’t think that’s happening. True its no given but Oklahoma and Iowa state still have to play one another, so that’s going to eliminate one of those two, and we got West Virginia at home which I feel there will be a little bit of pay back in that. that just leaves us wit the Oklahoma game in the finale, we win these two at home and the worst case scenario is a share. So I think our chances are good. on an unrelated note I really do like Rico Gathers he is a vey good player and built like a rock and is a rebounding machine. I feel realistically that Baylor & Iowa State will be the ones the last the longest in the NCAA’S well balanced, both of them. just my opinion Go Hawks

  • @jayballer54

    Gathers can play. But we beat him and them twice with our weakest inside game in 11 seasons.

    I believe KU will go farther than both of them.

    We are about to see Self let up on the “development” of the team, and start engineering the gelling of the team.

    “Finding themselves” is Self’s code for stop thinking about learning new stuff, and start finding your center from which to play.

  • @jayballer54

    Partially agree. I don’t believe ISU is a well balance team, other than McKay they have nothing else inside; they live and ( like last night) die by the three. Pretty one dimensional if you ask me.

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