What matters most

  • KU’s sting of Big 12 titles is remarkable and it matters a lot to our fans and to our players and to our coaches. Focus on the immediate goal of winning each individual game, leading to another title, #11 in a row, a phenomenal accomplishment in any sports at any level of play. To do it in today’s game at Division I level is truly special.

    It matters most not to denigrate or belittle this remarkable achievement, embrace it and be proud you are a fan of KU basketball!

    The Dance matters most, but it is not everything that matters. As Coach has said, you can only have a good season (but not great) if you do not perform well in the Dance. We all want to have a deep run every year, in March. But to read how some fans are currently stressing out about our potential seed or our probable loss the first weekend is a negative vibe which says more about the individual psychology of the fan than our current group of players. Our post-season record is very good (not great) and our seeding will take care of itself. Is there another program in the nation who has done better over the past 11 years?

    To believe that the only thing that matters is the Dance and winning a national title is just not true. That is the media take and the whole bracketology hype which distracts from the game at hand, and from the moment before us, and the joy and passion we get from watching each game and each group of players grow and (hopefully) come together as a high performing team.

    The moment at hand is the next home game against a good UT team (talk about disappointment!) and then the revenge game against a WV team every more offensively challenged than ours. They have overachieved but we need our revenge - and to demonstrate that we can be better ball handlers and break their press for easy baskets. This will be a very good test of our resolve and abilities to dribble and pass like a Big 12 Champion. Then OU for all the marbles…this is fun, not depressing! RCJH!

    When we lose, especially on the road in the Big 12, it is not b/c we blew it or we did not try hard enough or our Coach is not smart enough or our players do not have heart. Be loyal and continue to challenge our team and coach, but in a positive way. Everyone is trying very hard to win, including the other team and coach.

    We have good players and a good Coach and a great program. Every team we play on the road storms the court when they beat us. The energy from the home crowd to beat KU is really something, and hard to overcome game after game. KSU played their best game of the year, and we were below average. Shit happens over the course of a season. Sometimes when we lose we just get beat.

    I personally think we overachieved early on and were able to close a few games with our great guard play and lack of strong post play which made us think that this group of players were better than they truly are. We can play at a high level, but not consistently and our youth has shown our vulnerability on the road in close games recently. We are every team’s Super Bowl in our conference. Storming the court when they beat us at home during the regular season just shows how great our program truly is.

    We will do better on neutral courts with the strong KU fan following in the post season. For now, on to another Big 12 title! RCJH!!!

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