My Take on the K-State Debacle

  • While the concerns about KU’s defense and inability to score efficiently inside are legitimate, I have decided to chalk up KU’s recent loss to K-State as simply the result of a poor shooting night.

    Think about it. K-State played very well by its standards and played one of its best halves of the entire season. KU, on the other hand, suffered one of its worst offensive performances of the season, including its worst shooting performance from the 3-point line (15.4%). KU had not shot worse than 20% from three the entire season. The last time KU had made less than 3 3-point FGs in a game was against Kentucky (2-10).

    If KU shoots its season average from 3 (40%), KU wins. By playing average against a team playing above its respective average.

    K-State played inspired and deserves credit for that. The players fed off of Bramlage’s energy and that same energy clearly bothered KU. Kudos to K-State for that.

    But every team is due a poor shooting night. It just sucks for KU that it happened against K-State and during a game that would have essentially locked-up its 11th straight Big XII title.

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