More TPA and More Rebounds

  • KU cannot win games against top opponents without more three point attempts. 11 TPA will not get the job done. Simple as that. As some of you have pointed out: we have to run plays and have an offensive scheme to get three point looks (like the first ten minutes of the second half).

    Conclusion: run plays to get Seldon and Green open three point set shots. They are our two hottest shooters and best percentage beyond the arc but cannot create shots on their own, or in the standard hi-lo deliberate offensive outdated design.

    KU cannot win games against top opponents giving up 22 offensive rebounds. We simply have to have the personnel in the game and the court position to limit second and third chances.

    Conclusion: Cliff has to play more minutes, period! Our guards and wings have to crash the boards. “Jamari and Landen were without question our best options.” Maybe (not sure) for ball handling on their pressure, certainly not for rebounding.

    It was a great game and our guys played their hearts out and almost got a W.

    I cannot help but challenge Coach on his rotations, offensive schemes and playing time decisions. The bench time of The Big Red Dog is the most baffling (just like ISU earlier in the year). At the very least we would have picked up a few more rebounds…

  • Not sure at this point that Cliff is a good option he appears clumsy and out of touch with his body. I’ve posted on this before with other players and I believe it is affecting Cliff now. A stud HS player moves to D1 and finds he is no longer the biggest baddest cat on the block. He buys into getting himself “Huddyed” up and starts showing those bulging muscles, more vertical, and better conditioning to the world. However his coordination is just not with the new look he trips over his own feet, jumps higher than expected and fluffs a bunny, and just can’t get out of his own way. Sound at all familiar? I think Obre was there earlier in the year but has worked through it. I think we saw it with Greene last year when he was clanking shots off the back of the rim. I went through this back in my insanity period as a long distance runner. The harder I worked the slower I got then one day running became easy and my times dropped like a rock.

    I think Cliff is there now the only question is when does his head catch up with his body. When it does he will improve overnight.

  • One word response: Rebounds.

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