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    Before I get into my rant. I just want to say I’m a KU homer, and always believe KU is the best in the College basketball world. I always believe they are going to win.

    However I’m a realist also, and can no longer dream with this team. I love them and I’ll keep rooting as any other KU fan. However the time has come to temper the expectations, This team isn’t cutting down any nets in March.

    I just watched a team at home with a wild crowd and over matched at every position on the court pull off a stunner. Bottom line this game should have never been close. WV didn’t win this game KU lost it, and that my friends isn’t the markings of a champion. Champions don’t lose they get beat.

    Ok so I’ve had a few beers and high hopes of this game, but I was left a buzz and a reality this KU team isn’t cutting down no nets in March. Sorry KU nation I mean no disrespect but this team isn’t a championship team. "(

  • @DoubleDD What you said ^, minus the beers.

  • @DoubleDD

    Remember, we came within 1 with our OAD center not even unzipping his warm up the second half.

    Its not much to hold onto, but its all I have to offer tonight.

    That and we easily could have shot 20 treys and won the game. 🙂

  • @jaybate-1.0 forgive me. But our “OAD center” is in my opinion not OAD material. Nor is he a center. Played bad to start the game… Still wonder why he doesnt see the floor second half. Injury again or motor again??

  • In my not so humble opinion, we lost this game by hanging our offense on the miserable number 11. ELEVEN THREES! Banish the GOLD, just play like FOOLS.

  • I am with my Jayhawks good or bad. Keep sticking with it, and hopefully it will come together.

  • @cragarhawk

    You are right, he has not played like any OAD I have ever heard of.

    Something is up.

    But I haven’t a clue what.

  • @KansasComet

    Wise words and I am with you.

    At the same time, like Spock, I cannot help but be astonished at these human being and wonder why they are so illogical. 🙂

  • @REHawk Seems to me we lost this one by allowing so many offensive rebounds. I thought Traylor looked lost most of the night. If he’s the best we have to offer, I would be surprised if we survive the first weekend of the regional. Will be interested to see HEM’s analysis. Maybe he can put this in perspective.

  • @Wigs2 serious, did you watch the game and see his stats? He had a pretty decent game.

  • @cragarhawk correct, it might be better for us if he did leave, not sure he even cares! Huge disappointment!

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