• Since WVU is the last of the travelogues in our pre NCAA tournament schedule, @nuleafjhawk thought it might be nice to inform the Buckets about their own Campus and it’s illustrious Alumni. So here goes.


    Famous Alumni


    There are so many other, that a second wall was added. The Alumni chosen comes from my Kansas City slant. I have also included my daughter in the mixture, because she is one of my favorite KU Grads.


    For those who attended from out of state or are from Western Kansas, I hope this compilation leaves no one out. The famous Athletes from Basketball would be redundant on this site however I did as you see include Wilt. Feel free to add names to the list. Jason Sudakis did not attend KU and is an Overland Park boy that chooses to drink in Lawrence and like many others, lives and dies KU.


    More will be added soon. The Hot chick is Samantha Ryan, the infamous pornstar that scored a great seat from Coach Townsand on a flight back to Kansas City. Yes, she too is a proud Alum. To all of us on this site, Once a Jayhawk, always a Jayhawk.


  • @wrwlumpy prettiest place of all!

  • Through my research, I have found that one of our own KU Bucket’s members has made the list.


  • Here is another group.


  • 2090344724_200d6cbc88_z.jpg

  • @wrwlumpy Thank you so much!! Very cool pics - much appreciated!

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