• I have realized for some time now that this team is different then teams of the past and the word I use a lot is this team has a grit to them. pretty well have seen it all, something different they just don’t seem to ever panic, they never give up, cash it in whatever you want to call it. pretty well seen it all w have had big leads only to play ugly, lose that lead but still find ways to win, we have had big dificits and managed to stay the course, one possession at a time come back and win, we been our share of close games and found the pay and ways to win. Another thing this year is we have very legit threats to score the ball from the outside, more then one player, we have Kelly, Brennan, Frank, Wayne, Devonte to a some what lesser degree and even Perry now and then, we have both point guards who can penetrate and dish, create shots for others. they just don’t give up but what they do, do is they just WIN win ugly, win so, so win half ass, win we they DO play well but they just win, one thing they do that others don’t do or very often is THEY WIN on the road and that my friends is where conference championships come from being able to win on the road. all I would ask for is just a little more consistency, to spoiled I guess, looking for perfection unrealistic probably, we have a lot going for us though we have a lot of pieces not saying we have this down but I think we can make a strong run in the NCAA’S we have outside scoring, we have decent inside w have the ability to stretch defenses, and we have COACH SELF anyways looking to the last part of the season and let it play out how it may GO HAWKS

  • Yeah, different is one word for it. Different. Like Richard Pryor’s Doberman Pinscher. A guard dog with anxiety.

  • Different as in a team that has no clue.

  • In many ways, we are the same team. Perry and Wayne keep being themselves. Frank Mason killed us a little tonight, just like he used to do as well. Landon Lucas missing free throws again. Missing bunnies… Just like against Stanford. Point guard play letting us down. Poor awareness of teammates. Getting killed by threes late in the game…

    I hope this one hurts and hurts in a way that helps us realize and maintain our true potential. We showed grit climbing back into (and at times, controlling) this game. But we made a lot of the same mistakes we’ve made for the past 2 years, and it’s heartbreaking.

    That said, Jamari Traylor had a pretty good game, and we absolutely will need him in March, just like last year.

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