We need Perry's defense!

  • So, I looked at Perry’s conference numbers… In 12 games, here are his averages:

    • 13.2 pts
    • .474 FG%
    • .0.65 3pt
    • .471 3pt%
    • 7.34 reb
    • 1.25 ast
    • 1 blk
    • 0.83 stl
    • 2.75 pf
    • 1.67 to

    What strikes me here is that as much as we lamented his defense at the beginning of the season, in conference play he’s 2 steals shy of averaging a steal and a block a game. So, Agent P, here’s some love man! I see you getting up on D and you made me go to the boxscores to prove it.

  • These summer games will really help Perry for next year. They will need to spend time relaxing and getting their legs back after all this BB.

  • @approxinfinity as much as some of us complain, huge factor that Perry’s D is much better!

  • I don’t think we celebrated Perry’s 1000 pts near enough!! Way to go Perry! Nice dunk and way to hit your free throws!

  • Watchin Malik, Diamond stone is playing too

  • @approxinfinity Great topic … and @Crimsonorblue22, you are exactly right. We aren’t talking about Perry’s defense, are we? Perry has made obvious strides on the defensive end. But what I’m even more impressed with is his aggressiveness rebounding the basketball. His rebounding numbers are just slightly better, but it seems as though he’s going after the ball with real authority.

  • @HighEliteMajor Agreed. He definitely has not felt soft for a while, in large part due to rebounding with authority.

    I did him a disservice and miscalculated his 3pt% in conference… its actually 8/17. a whopping .471! (updated above)

    So as for how his offense has changed…

    Being that he’s turned into an outside-in guy and his 3pt% is actually the same as his FG%, and his ppg is actually up slightly in conference, I’d say in Perry’s case we’ve actually eliminated fools gold (scoring inside on shorter, lesser talents)

  • @approxinfinity Perry almost had a mean streak today when he was driving the baseline and the Baylor player put his shoulder into Perry. Perry just shoved him out of the way. It surprised me.

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