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  • Well worth the time to read from start to finish, from @Jesse-Newell.

    KU Review- Response to Bill Self’s 3 point Comments

    Here’s a few highlights:

    “(Making 3s is) fools’ gold. You can’t bank on making 55 percent or 50 percent of your 3s."

    Have to stop briefly here for a second. Who is arguing KU has to shoot 50 percent on its 3s every game? Let’s say KU made 40 percent, its season average. That would be 8 of 20, meaning nine fewer points, meaning KU wins by 13 instead of 22. Thirty percent? Six of 20, so KU still wins by seven (the spread was 12). These scenarios also don’t account for offensive rebounding (one of KU’s strengths), and based on the numbers, we’d expect KU to get one or two extra possessions based on the scenarios above.

    In any case, KU is attempting its most effective way to score, opening things up better on the inside and also working to better avoid turnovers.

    "You want to (make 50 percent of 3s), but if that’s what you play to, then you’re not going to be able to hang your hat on that if you play a team that takes away the 3s and forces you to score inside and things like that, and you can’t do it. You’ll end up going home sad."

    What should happen if a team forces you to score inside? You adjust accordingly. The inverse, of course, is what happens when a team forces you to shoot 3s?

    That would basically be last year’s Stanford game, where the Jayhawks tried to jam it inside against the Cardinal’s length. The result wasn’t pretty: KU made 19 of 58 field goals (33 percent) and also was just 9-for-22 (41 percent) on shots at the rim while attempting only 16 3s.

    The Jayhawks’ 0.826 PPP that game ended up being their lowest mark of the season.

  • #Freethe3 !bolded text

    That is funny and exciting and amazing…RCJH! KU fans and sports writers are the best! Way to go Jesse! HEM is on a role…we have found a flaw in an otherwise perfect machine. Good stats.

    Reminds me of Alabama this past year with its tremendous program of success based on Sabin’s defensive prowess, using a passing offense to outscore opponents in the SEC. Role Tide fan were beside themselves.

    That team last year would have never been able to compete at the highest level in the traditional Coach Sabin way. They just were not up to standards to physically dominate up front as they had for the past several years. They need to pass to run and find a new big play offense.

    He brought in Kiffin (whom he does not even like) who completely transformed his stodgy “run the ball up the middle three times for a first down” and they became an offensive powerhouse, winning games 50-45.

    An amazing transformation which got them to the final four.

    KU has moved from 18 threes/game on average to 20…imagine if we were gunning 25/game. #Freethe3 !

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