Some Post TTECH Definitions

  • Fool’s gold def., bread and butter

    Inside move def., softness that gets blocked

    Inside out def., fool’s gold pass to the post

    Trey def., gold

    Outside in def., trifectation opening up the Pass to the post

    Ball movement def., wasted passes instead of taking the Trey first

    Offensive Rebound def., a chance to kick out for a Trey.

    Defensive rebound def, a chance to transition for a Trey

    Spin move def., what a 3 playing a 4 does when shooting on the blocks

    Back to basket def., the way people used to play the game

    2/3 2pt attempts and 1/3 3pt.attempts def., inefficiency

  • @jaybate-1.0 I wish I had seen this before I started a thread. As usual, you said it better and more entertainingly. I think Coach Self may be the most stubborn man on the planet. As I said elsewhere, my jaw was dropping over some of those post-game remarks of his.

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