crunch time , all the time

  • so starts the 2nd half guys, and its now REALLY CRUNCH TIME. this game is where Frank and Devonte need to come out take control show poise and run the team, make smart decisions play under control, this is a game we know Forte and Nash are going to get their points, our main goal is just to make sure someone else just doesn’t goof and have a once in a life time game against us, with stand pressure we do that and I think we come out with the win. you know every game is very important, nothing is a given and you may laugh but now Iowa State and K S U have been beaten on the road by the bottom 2 teams in the conference you have to be ready to play every night no matter to play every night no matter where it is this league is tough. the guys look like they are coming together just at the right time, something different about this team a gritiness? toughness? a never cave in attitude? I don’t no just something different. GO HAWKS

  • This team has more unity than last years bunch. Too many individuals last year and I can understand how hard it would be to not play extensive minutes. This team is quicker and are better defenders and improving weekly. The component I like the best is there are multiple players than can explode for big nights. How do you have a special game plan to shut down all 5 on the floor? This team makes free throws late in games. I believe them when they say they are happy for each others success. So many interchangeable pieces that you play Self’s way or get bench slapped. RCJHK!

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