Texas is out of control

  • this is kind of a tongue in cheek question BUT? - - - What the hell has happened to Texas? I mean this is from a team that was surpose to be the one to de-throne us this year of the conference championship. Ya I know the obvious- - easy answer is Rick Barnes just read the chat off the Tex- - Okla State game and they are ready to lynch the guy. So ya I realize that, but think about it they had ALL 5 guys returning from last yr-- - they the I believe # 2 player in the nation coming in, unbelievable length, height only comparable to Kentucky. just look at the difference in the 2 programs KU-TEX look what Kent did to us at the start of the season and then look how Tex played Kent on their home floor. NOW look at the 2 programs complete opposite directions. KU coming together playing well and Tex nose diving in the tank. Ya I know obvious world of differences between coach self and barnes, LOVE COACH SELF. but I dunno, something going on in Austin. whats happened to Holmes? I think they have cashed it in. they are in big trouble of maybe not even making the tourney if they don’t get it turned around. thank God I’m a hawks fan GO HAWKS

  • I was one of the people in Armageddon mode with Texas this year, and thought we shouldn’t count them out just because of Barnes. But to much of my enjoyment, they forced my foot in my mouth. If he couldn’t win with Augustine, Abrams, James, and oh yea DURANT, how will they be able to do damage with anything else?

  • @JhawkAlum

    Barnes does have 3 Conference Championships, 1 Final Four, 3 Elite Eights and 5 Sweet Sixteen, during his tenure (16 years) Texas also finished 10 times ranked in the top 25, 5 top 10 and 2 top 5 final rankings…so he has had his share of winning…just sayin’

  • @Jayhawkfantoo That would not a solid resume on the surface. But with the talent level that we all know UT has gotten, to make it past the sweet 16 only 3 time in 16 years is inexcusable. Under performing in the chaos that is the NCAA Tournament is normal. Kansas and Duke lose earlier then they should too and no one in their right questions coach K or Self as coaches. But do it in alarmingly consistent fashion with talent similar to us is clear as day. Barnes is not a good coach.

  • @JhawkAlum

    Texas has had talent, some of it great, but not at the same level as KU year in and year out. KU currently has more McD All Americans than the rest of the conference combined. For a football school, I believe Barnes has done reasonably well, but that is just my personal opinion and I am sure other members disagree.

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