Next Up: @OSU 14-7, Big 12 4-5, RPI 41

  • Starters HT WT MIN PPG RPG FG% Key 3P Threat (%)

    Forte III 5-11 185 JR 33.7 17.3 2.4 46.3% (41.7%)

    Nash 6-7 235 SR 30.6 16.9 5.7 46.75%

    Hickey Jr. 5-11 185 SR 29.1 8.6 5.0 39.9% (32.2%)

    Cobbins 6-8 230 SR 27.1 6.7 5.9 60.3%

    Newberry 6-2 190 JR 18.1 5.6 2.2 38.2% (34.1%)

    Key Subs Carroll 6-6 205 FR 13.8 4.3 2.5 37.7%

    Shine 6-6 195 FR 12.9 3.7 1.5 44.3%

    Hammonds 6-7 205 SO 11.3 2.8 0.9 36.0% (34.3%)

    Griffin 5-10 165 FR 10.6 1.3 1.5 25.0%

    Solomon 6-9 235 FR 10.3 0.9 2.7 36.8%

    Try to get an early start on OSU discussion. I have a feeling that our regular insightful contributors are getting better in predicting the strategies and outcomes of games. Maybe our Hawks are becoming consistent; maybe we got to know our Hawks better; and, it just maybe the coaching staff are really reading our stuff here. RCJH!

  • Thanks Texas and OSU for an emotionally draining and physically exhausting game. I always think after an emotionally high game, a team will come out flat the next!

    Looks like OSU still only has 3 main guns: Nash, Hickey Jr. and Forte III. And, HCBS said he looks at the team and he saw 8 starters. RCJH!

  • @Shanghai_RCJH We’ve still 9 more conference games, possibly 3 Sprint Center games & then the dance. But if any of our kids are leaving after this year think about this: only 4 more times will we get the chance to see them come out of the tunnel at the Mother Church of CBB, Phog Allen Fieldhouse. If so then Rock Chalk men, the future is in your hands…

  • @globaljaybird Every year, BB season seems shorter in Lawrence.

  • @Shanghai_RCJH I was thinking about that. It’s just so much fun!!

  • Does Okie state’s win tonight turn our game saturday into somewhat of a trap game for them now?? Interesting times

  • @cragarhawk Sure hope so. In all sports, it is hard to bring the A game 2 games in the row. Let’s hope it is the case.

    Looking at them:

    Cobbins can draw up fouls fast. We can throw Traylor, Cliff and Landen on him. Cobbins has no credible sub in Allen and Solomon. In other words, we can put out their low post game early in the game and focus on guarding Nash and Forte.

    Hickey Jr. has quick hands, we need to protect the ball better when facing him. Hickey is also a good trey gun. So, if Mason is on Forte, who will be on Hickey?

    Nash and Forte are their go to guys. No suprise here. Not to say Ellis, Traylor or Mason will be assigned to them. But, our 3 guys have seen them enough to know what they are capable of. Shut either one up or both. The game would be won.

  • If Graham and Mason is not on the floor at the same time, who should guard Hickey? He could spell trouble and he is a senior.

  • @Shanghai_RCJH Selden? He helped w/forte last time. Newberrys not to shabby either, they have improved. I dislike these guys!!!

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