My take on the ISU/KU game

  • Alright, just now watching the game on DVR. My take aways are thusly; Good defense early but not great defense. Kelly Oubre and Frank Mason are bringing it! So far KU seems to be getting back on defense and preventing the transition offense by ISu that killed us last time. 4 min into the game. Mason picks up his man on the in bounds, in his jock the whole way. both teams are 2-9 from the field right now, 15 min left. KU is playing 4 out one in! KU is doing good at preventing transition points. But they cant score on the other end! Our guys are doing good at hitting the Defensive glass so far. 7 min into it. Nice floater by Ellis brings it to 8-7 12 min left and Niang drains a 3 with Perry’s hand in his face. Cliff goes beast mode and lays one in. That McKay dude is good, I dont like him. ISU up by 6 at the 1020 min mark. Love that KU is still playing 4 out 1 in. KU has to step up the defensive effort. Still good but could be better.
    Weave play by KU gets Ellis a jumper at 920, ISU answers. Greene is unconscious from trey, dude doesnt miss. Ellis drains one too, in transition! Nice going guys. 18-17. Clif was blocking out like a pro on that too.
    Niang is keeping ISU on top at 8 min to go. KU runs a side out of bounds play for Brannen and he gets fouled on the shot. Nice play. KU shooting almost 40% now, so is ISU. KU seems to be intensifying there Defense.
    KU is still going hard on defense and preventing transition runs from ISU. Nice unforced TO by ISU. 556 left. Brannen get your hand up in the guys face when he shoots ok? Nice drive by Devonte, KU by 3 with 44o left. Hogue answers. then Oubre drains a 3 and KU runs back to prevent transition points once again. Good going fellas. KU is out for blood, they want the ball worse than ISU does right now. Oubre bam 3 pointer good! 3 min left. KU was seeming to run 5 out on that play! Traylor gets one to go with a lil shake n bake move. ISU answers. Time out KU. I like KU’s effort on both ends of the court so far. KU runs the weave with 3 out 2 in. almost worked but not quite. 130 left Good D by KU gets a TO. and another TO gets Ellis a run out 2. Greene with a stolen pass! ISU’s next one rims out and KU gets the last shot. Oubre misses a 3 to end the half. KU just beat ISU up the last 10 min. Beat them up. Half time -------------------------------------

    Mason scores on a killer drive to open the 2nd half. Sherron like drive I might add. Traylor picks up 3rd foul., bet he is gonna sit. Selden just tossed it to the wrong team, come on guys. We dont need traylor to be taking shots 15 ft from the basket either.
    Ellis hit the ground hard! But he is ok. KU still playing 4 -1. Selden knocks down a trey off a screen. Perry saves Traylor from picking up his 4th foul by taking a charge. Way to go Perry! KU’s defense has sped ISU up…they arent making their shots and KU is.
    44-32 KU 16 min left. Selden heating up. KU is still giving ISU some easy buckets but KU’s over all Defense remains strong and Cliff denies ISU at the rim! 15 min left. Devonte tries to pick pocket and gets called for a reach in foul.
    ISU is making a run though, KU couldnt switch quick enough on Defense to prevent ISU from getting an easy 2. 1330 left. Cliff picks up his 3rd foul and Traylor does too. Tells me those guys arent being quick enough on defensive rotations.
    1230 left. 51-41 KU Selden drains another 3 with good perimeter passing. KU is taking possessions off right now, they must be tired from all this running. ISU just out hustles KU for buckets and is down by 9.
    Lucas is bringing some good hustle on both ends in his spot minutes. 1050 left.
    Good D by KU forces Niang to travel and turn it over. Selden is a beast from trey this game! Oubre made that happen with his drive and kick.9 min left.
    8 min left, KU has 4 guys on that can drain 3s real good. Mason, Oubre, Selden, Ellis. KU showing some good hustle. ISU just getting out classed right now. 720 left For all Landen’s short comings in the game. I like how he plays. Plus he gives us another big body down low. Still 4 out one in for KU. Mason with the Sherron like drive again for 2. 6 min left KU has done a great job of speeding up ISU’s half court offense. Tough guys, just tough. Collins, err Mason gets basically tackled at 530 left and the blind officials give the ball to ISU. ISU now pressuring full court 515 left. Selden drains another 3! ISU comes back dunks it, and another. 4 min left Mason gets fouled on a 3pt. ISU still trapping, trying to get back in it. MASON busts the trap defense all by himself. Sick., cant convert on the other end though. Another press break by KU gives Ellis a dunk! KU is getting good at press breaking, trap breaking. 223 left. Perry at the line. drains them both. Hustle on Defense by KU, gets a steal and Selden for 2 in transition. Way to go guys. 130 left. KU up by 11. Niang seems hobbled a little bit. KU still fighting hard on defense.
    Brannen doesnt miss from the free point line, doesnt miss from 3 either. Niang is tired, misses the first free throw , makes the second. 1 min left. Way to go KU!
    Who said KU wasnt going to challenge for the conference title this year? One of those ESPN guys said it. He is wrong!

    So, lets recap. KU took some plays off and ISU got some easy buckets but KU’s offense was definitely > than ISU’s offense this game. I was very impressed with Coach Self playing to this teams strengths and not just doggedly trying inside out. These guys can shoot and pass and it shows. They are getting better and have room to grow still. Defensively KU stopped ISU’s transition runs and sped their half court up forcing TO’s and missed shots.
    Not all of our guys who saw the court played well but they didnt have to. Cliff and Jamari didnt have great games but everyone else did. ROCK CHALK, next.

  • @Lulufulu

    XCLNT idea to watch and digest it. I got a lot from that. Thx.

  • @jaybate-1.0 You know what? When I looked at the box score I was surprised to learn that KU had 16 turnovers. It totally didnt even seem like it. Devonte’ also could have asserted himself a bit better. Seemed like Self pulled him after two quick fouls.

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